Job’s Revelation

Episode 5 04/11/14 Join us today as we discuss Job’s trials and how they changed his heart. Tune in to hear about how God will always change our perspective the more he reveals himself to us. This is… Read More

Your First Two Years

Episode 4 04/10/14 Join us today as we discuss ministry resources and the Doug Fields book Your First Two Years in Youth Ministry. If you are new to any ministry this is a great book to get in… Read More

Our Vision and Direction

Episode 3 04/09/14 Join us today as we discuss the vision and goals of The Ministry Podcast. What would you like to see here? What do you think could be a benefit to people in ministry? This is… Read More

Killer Noah

Episode 2 04/08/14 Today we’re talking about the 2014 Noah movie. Join us and leave a question or comment. Aranofsky’s portrayal of this story is very confusing if you don’t understand where he is getting this story from…. Read More

Saul’s Prophecy

Episode 1 04/07/14 Join us as we discuss the appointment of Saul as King of Israel and what we can learn from it. Saul was given a mission he did not ask for and God led him to… Read More