Courage is My Story

I have come to find that the origins of the word courage begin with heart. The first part of the word courage is “cor” which means heart. One of the early ways of defining courage is telling your… Read More

Should Christians Own Guns?

Let’s be real. Guns don’t make me think about a loving Jesus. Can I be a Christian that carries a gun? What does the bible say about it? The bible says a lot about being armed and Jesus… Read More

Water World Texas

I know the water looks bad, but we’re still here and kickin. Thank you for your prayers and check back for new episodes. To see more of the flooding you can visit my personal YouTube page or my… Read More

How to Approach Politics

We have all jumped through social or political hoops from time to time. Is it worth it? How do you deal with some political views that conflict with your beliefs? Join us today to hear about the roadblocks… Read More

Silence is Golden Pony Boy

Apparently us men need to remember to bite our tongue. Or at least be more sacrificial when we speak. Based on the listener feedback we got last weekend we decided to talk about Ephesians 5. Join us as… Read More